Inheritance Tax Planning

Many people are shocked to discover that if you reside in the UK, large proportions of your wealth, including your family home and investments, are liable for inheritance tax. In some cases, assets in your estate may have to be sold to cover the cost of the inheritance tax bill.

Planning ahead and creating an inheritance strategy is the most effective way to ensure your valuable assets are protected and distributed efficiently amongst the individuals and organisations that matter to you.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your assets and how inheritance tax will affect your beneficiaries after you’re gone.

At GT Wealth, we understand that inheritance tax planning is a very complex area. Which is why our advisers are dedicated to providing clear direction and expert advice. This way, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your legacy is protected and everything you’ve worked so hard for is in safe hands.

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Our Approach

At GT Wealth, we know that everyone’s circumstances are unique. Our advisers will work with you to understand your needs, allowing them to give tailored advice which will ensure your assets and beneficiaries are taken care of.

Our team will help you throughout the entire estate and inheritance tax process, removing any unnecessary jargon to help you gain complete clarity. Should your circumstances or needs change at any time, a GT Wealth adviser will be on hand to provide support and specialist guidance.

If you are nearing retirement, this may be an opportune time to start thinking about your assets and establishing an effective inheritance tax plan.

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