The Ongoing Review Service

The Ongoing Review Service

This is GT Wealth’s all-inclusive service which provides thorough, expert advice and continued performance reviews. The service has both an initial fee and an annual fee.

Initial Fee

An initial project fee will be agreed at our first no obligation initial meeting.

Fees including implementation will be no more than 2% of the amount to be invested up to £100,000, subject to a minimum of £1,500, no more than 1.5% on the next £200,000 and no more than 1% on amounts in excess of £300,000.

Annual Fee

1% of the value of the portfolio will be charged annually on the first £600,000, 0.5% will be charged on the next £600,000 and 0.3% thereafter.

For example, if your investments are worth £700,000 our fee would be £6,500 per annum (being 1% of £600,000 plus 0.5% of £100,000).

For Trust Advice, a minimum of 1% per annum for Trust Planning and Administration applies to all cases. For example, if the assets of the trust are worth £600,000 the fee is £6,000 per annum.

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