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Financial Clarity

In a complex world, life can be unexpectedly cruel and kind, which is why we believe everyone deserves clear direction when it comes to their finances.

Throughout our lives, unexpected events can leave us at difficult crossroads. Whether you’re buying a house, selling a business, managing your pension or retiring, it can be hard to make clear, logical decisions.

We know that the pressure to make the right decision can be extremely stressful, but you’re not alone.

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Our Ethos & Approach

At GT Wealth Management, we aren’t just wealth managers, we care about the individuals behind the finances, which is why we’ll be there every step of the way.

By offering direction and long-term support, GT Wealth Management has helped many families across multiple generations feel confident in their financial decisions.

We remove all of the unnecessary jargon, ensuring that our financial plans are easy to understand so you can make the right decision for your needs.

We are a dynamic team based in the leafy green town of Marlow. With a combined experience of over 200 years, we thrive on providing the best advice for all your financial needs.

Our Fees

We are always upfront and transparent about our fees.

The Woodland Project

Britain is renowned for its beautiful countryside and woodland areas. Unfortunately, modern society and urbanisation have caused these locations to dwindle.

With a desire to protect this historically British setting and to help combat the company’s carbon footprint, GT Wealth has been working on transforming a very poor wood back into lush traditional English woodland.

This began in 2010 when GT Wealth’s founder, Tim Wall, acquired 25 acres of woodland on his family's former estate, Starchfield Covert. Since then, the team has been focused on restoring this area of woodland and in the process has planted 2500 mixed broadleaf trees and a further 1250 oak trees.

As the project develops, GT Wealth is planting an additional 2900 oak, alder and wild cherry trees in 2020. We also have a plan for introducing barn owls into the woodland.

This has given the land a chance to rejuvenate, allowing it to quickly become a new natural habitat for over 250 species of wildlife!

This on-going project is the fulfilment of a desire to give back to the planet and the British countryside, creating a legacy future generations can enjoy for years to come.

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Woodland Project Updates

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02 Dec 2020

Test Post #1

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20 May 2020

The Woodland project

As well as successfully planting just under three thousand English native broadleaf trees this spring, what has been particularly exciting…


Join The Team

Finding the right career path can be extremely challenging, something that requires much exploration.

As part of the GT Wealth team, you’ll be a valuable part of the business. This is why we support all of our employees with a range of expert guidance, help with training and pay for examinations, so they can grow and reach their career goals.

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